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SMT For Movers, Shakers and Rainmakers

  • About This Course

    Most of the SMT courses at various conferences cater primarily to Engineers and Technicians. They are too technical for the Rainmakers, the people who bring in the business and are dealing with business issues of SMT. The objective of this course is to provide technical information to movers, shakers and the rainmakers responsible for selling and buying of SMT equipment and materials including components and PCBs.

    This course provides an overview of SMT manufacturing processes and role of SMT equipment and materials in non-technical manner. It begins with highlighting the problems that we all need to address, no matter what our job titles are and then delves into the role of materials and equipment to solve those problems. Whether you are new to SMT industry or have been in the business side of SMT for a while, good understanding of key issues in SMT equipment and materials without getting too technical can help to help you in making effective business decisions.

    This is not a theoretical course. Supplemented with a quiz, it is a very interactive course and is based on Mr. Prasad's academic and hands on background in both business and technical disciplines. With Graduate degrees in business and engineering, Ray has over three decades of technical and business experience at Boeing, Intel, BeamWorks and numerous clients on both technical and business sides of the electronics industry.

    How You Will Benefit

    After completing this course you will be able to:

    • Get a good understanding of the problem in the SMT and how you, as a business professional, can help address those problems.
    • Learn what features your materials and equipment should have to give a competitive advantage in various applications such as fine pitch, no clean and lead free environment.
    • Learn how to determine the key equipment whether you are selling or in the market for buying SMT equipment and materials.
    • There is a quiz (really) before and after the class and you will be certain that you learned technical information you need to be effective in making business decisions including legal disputes, buying and selling SMT equipment and materials and investment decisions such as mergers and acquisitions.

    Topics Covered

    Benchmarking the Problem Lead Pitch and Configuration and Their Impact on Quality Impact of Lead Free, No clean, Fine Pitch and No Lead on Yield Role of Materials and Equipment in Controlling Quality Key Equipment features needed for different applications. SMT Components, Processes and Equipment Active and Passive SMT components SMT Process Flow for Various Types of Products Adhesive, Paste and Their Application Soldering (Reflow including Vapor Phase, Wave & Selective) Flux and Cleaning & No Clean AOI, Repair and Test Strategy for Preventing Field Returns Quality Index for Managers to monitor quality Quiz and Review

    Who Should Attend?

    The target audiences for this course are the Movers, Shakers and the Rain Makers with and without experience in SMT industry and are dealing with various aspects of the business including legal disputes, mergers and acquisitions, finance, sales and procurement of SMT materials and equipment. Process and Design Engineers will also benefit from this course by learning to establish technical requirement for equipment and materials for purchase and simple technical solutions in design and process steps to prevent field returns.

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