Factory Audits

The surest way to realize gains in your design and manufacturing processes

  • Are you baffled by some of those pesky defects that keep cropping up in your circuit board assemblies?
  • Are your yields excellent one day, but really poor the next - and there doesn't seem to be any explanation for the lack of control in the process?
  • Are you getting different opinions from different organizations in your company about ways to improve your yield and would like an unbiased expert opinion?
  • Are you thinking of selecting board assembly suppliers who meet your unique current and future needs?
  • Are you wondering how you could improve your current high yield?
  • Are you in a legal dispute about quality issues?

Our unique five-phase Factory and Process Audit can provide you with the technical solutions to pinpoint the problems in your process, design, and workflow and make the necessary changes to produce higher yields.

Factory and Process Audits may also be necessary for mergers and acquisitions and if you are involved in legal disputes about quality and technology issues.

Registration is Open for SMT Course

Ray Prasad will be teaching his flagship SMT course: 

Design and Manufacturing with SMT-BGA-BTC

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