On-Site Courses

  • Ray Prasad can deliver on-site SMT training for your organization. On-site training can be the most efficient way to meet the training, implementation, and process improvement needs of your organization.

    For Managers, Engineers and Operators

    Why does it make sense to choose in-house SMT training?
    The key benefit of on-site training is to get everyone from all organizations in your company on the same wavelength. This is very helpful in developing a cross-functional team charged with SMT implementation and/or process improvements.

    Since our on-site training is customized to meet your specific needs, we focus on company-specific design and process issues.

    On-site training is very cost effective, especially when travel expenses and travel time of all attendees is taken into account. The on-site training fee is the same, no matter how many people attend the class.

    A master copy of all presentation materials is provided for you. You may make as many copies as necessary, for internal use only.

    List of Courses (one to four days)
    * Design and Manufacturing with SMT: An In-Depth Course
    * Lead Free Technology For Electronic Assemblies Problems and Promises
    * SMT Principles and Practice
    * Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs)
    * Advanced Packaging Overview
    * Design for Manufacturability
    * Solder Paste Printing: An In-Depth Look
    * Vendor Selection and Qualification
    * BTC Class

    Get on-site training in a number of SMT courses from Ray Prasad. Learn about surface mount principles and other manufacturing topics. On-site training can save you money and can be customized to address your company's needs.

Ray Prasad Consultancy Group brings the training you need directly to you.
Inquire now about the wide range of consulting and training options we offer.

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