SMT Courses

Ray Prasad offers many courses.  In keeping with the times due to Covid 19, these classes are offered on line. The offerings include indepth Three day courses multiple times in a year. This same class can be offered on line for your site ONLY. And they can be customized to meet your specific need (on line only for now). 

Here are your options for the In-depth SMT-Fine Pitch-BGA-BTC Design and Assembly Course offered by Ray Prasad

SMT-FP-BGA-BTC Course on line (Clickable link for details). This course is offered multiple times in a year.

SMT-FP-BGA-BTC Course at Your Company Site (Clickable link for details). This course can be customized for one to four days to meet your specific needs. This option may be very cost effective if you have at least four students who want to attend.

For Managers, Engineers and Operators. Why does it make sense to choose in-house SMT training? The key benefit of on-site training is to get everyone from all organizations in your company on the same wavelength. This is very helpful in developing a cross-functional team charged with SMT implementation and/or process improvements.

Registration is Open for SMT Course

Ray Prasad will be teaching his flagship SMT course: 

Design and Manufacturing with SMT-BGA-BTC

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